Lemon Jammies

I am yet to find making cookies the kind of mediation that other bakers enjoy.  To me, there are too many steps to arrive at the end result, particularly when you end up sandwiching them together.  I much prefer these type of cookies when they are produced by someone other than me. 

Rose does somewhat lessen the load by giving an option to make the dough in the food processor.  This recipe calls for double digit grams of lemon zest.  My scales resolutely refuse to weigh zest of any citrus.  For the record, the zest of two lemons fails to even register at a gram on my scales.  So, I didn't put in the double digit amount, according to my scales, I put in no weight of lemon zest.  In actual fact, two lemons were zested in and it created a fantastic lemon biscuit.  Truth be told, these were the preferred biscuit.

This dough went through a number of steps, none of which I can remember - it really is time you bough Rose's book, if you haven't already.

 This time I did refrigerate the dough.  I have baked enough of Rose's cookie recipes to now know when to chill out and when to plough on.  This is a dough to be chilled if you want to hold the shape and get it lifted off the bench onto the baking tray.

I did cheat with the filling.  This lemon curd is almost indistinguishable from home made.  The wee boys dislike both versions, so I am happier with them turning their noses up to the bought one rather than the one I slaved over.

The end result was rather pretty but these lasted a long time.  Had I not filled them with evil lemon curd, I think they would have disappeared alot sooner.  The secret to a full biscuit tin are slowly being uncovered!

So whilst Tony may be on his 18th order of these cookies, they won't be reappearing any time soon.  I do wonder if this biscuit dough could be fashioned as the base to a lemon curd tart?


  1. Looks pretty! Next time fill the curd only when you want to eat them..:)

  2. What a great idea~to use the cookie dough as a lemon curd tart! Your cookies are so pretty.


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