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My Best Brownies

My Best Brownies (no, really, they probably are) It is with a fair degree of self consciousness that I admit that since moving to the San Francisco area just over a year ago, I have yet to see a single live musician/band/artist/whatever they are called.  I am just not a huge fan of live music, certainly not enough to get me to leave the house very often.  Or at all.   Tomorrow evening Rose is giving a live cooking demonstration in San Francisco.  I booked my ticket the day Rose posted the tour dates on her blog.  Apparently I will leave the house for Rose and cake.  So in a few short hours I will be fangirling Rose.  I hope she is prepared.   As part of the "event", my ticket price includes a copy of Rose's latest book Rose's Baking Basics .  I was going to hold off my baking until after the "event" - I can totally do delayed gratification.  Unfortunately I then happened upon a Facebook Live of Rose and Woody in a bookstore somewhere.  Th

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