Double Chocolate Oriolos

For the longest time I thought these were Rose's take on an Oreo.   Wrong.  Instead these are a ground walnut and cocoa cookie and totally amazing and so much better than an Oreo.

The toasted and skinned walnuts are ground with the dry ingredients.  This is another food processor cookie recipe which makes these pretty quick and easy to make.

The finished mix is then left to chill for 30 minutes before rolling into balls.  The balls are then flattened with much zeal with a sugar coated glass by the helpers.   The end result, despite much zeal and probably too much processing, is a fantastic cookie.  The boys all loved these.

Thumbs up from Patrick

Isaac thinks they are pretty good, but yet to displace Lemon Drizzle Cake as his favourite sweet.

These will definitely be on the bake again list.  Even with the painful deskinning of the toasted walnuts...

Grateful I made a double batch...


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