The Baking Bible

And, so, we meet again.   Marie once again leads the bake along for Rose's amazing new book, The Baking Bible, under the banner of Alpha Bakers.  One hundred recipes, just shy of two years of weekly baking, photographing and blogging.  What could possibly go wrong?

Whilst my copy has been on pre order since the 12 of January, it is yet to arrive.  Seeing my fellow Alpha Bakers already posting photos of their copies has driven me to purchase the Kindle version.   Given Amazon is telling me that my hard copy is yet to ship and usually ships in 1-3 months, I am not holding out much hope it will be here by 1 December.  I have never baked or cooked from Kindle, so I guess now is as good a time as any to move with the times and try it out.  It does add in another element of complication - how to commandeer an Ipad with enough battery to last for a full baking session?  Usually the line up for an Ipad is at least three deep in this house.

As I skimmed over my last few posts, it was like reading something written by some other person.

I can't wait to get back into baking and blogging. 

N x 


  1. I can't wait to have you baking and blogging again too! I've missed our group.

  2. `As I think you are in the UK, how do you get around the 'cake' flour problem, as most of the recipes seem to use this in the new book? I know we can use Kate's method of microwaving the flour but it does take time. Have you another method? Jeannette

  3. Hi Jeanette,

    Yes, I am in west London. Conveniently close to Outsider Tart in Chiswick which stocks both the Gold Medal flour and the Swans cake flour. If they are out of stock, then I resort to mail order...

    There are a couple of places that sell low protein cake flour in massive industrial sized bags, some of which I have tried but nothing beats the chemical bleached wonder of the US bleached flour. I have yet to source the King Arthur non chemically bleached flour - that will be a personal nirvana when I do. Angels will sing for sure!

    1. Thank you for your response, Nicola. I looked at both links but couldn't see cake flour available but then found a link to Outsider Tart who do have it but at a PRICE! And then of course there would be postage as well..... Ah well, I will carry on doing what I have been doing, using a mix of our plain flour and potato flour, it seems to work. Jeannette


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