Not Lemon Meringue Cake

This is the reason why there is no Lemon Meringue Cake sitting at the top of your page.  I am all caked out.  Bloody hell.  Wedding cakes are hard work.  Thankfully I now have this blog which will remind me of that fact next time someone is getting married and I think "I should make their wedding cake!".

I made the three layers, plus an extra kitchen cake, last weekend and stuck them in the freezer.  That just left the icing(s) and fillings for Friday and then assembly at the venue on Friday.  Easy.

What I didn't plan for was this man; my grandfather - Dad Maxwell, here surrounded by some of his grandchildren and all of his great grandchildren, passing away on Tuesday this week.  To say it was a shock, was an understatement.  He and my Mum were due to be visiting here in England in just over two weeks.  He was, as the saying goes, fit as a fiddle.  Except for his heart.  Which apparently wasn't playing that same tune, unbeknown to us all.  That photo hanging on the wall, in the top left hand corner, is of my grandfather in Paris.  Three years ago, when he traveled to Europe for the World Cup.  

Sadly, events conspired to prevent me from making the journey back to Invercargill for his funeral.  Instead, I penned some words and my sister read them at his funeral.  I am awed that over 800 people attended his funeral.  Now I will have to relive my memories of an amazing man, rather than creating new ones with him. 

So, it was with a heavy heart that I finished and delivered this wedding cake.  I was up until 2.00am on Saturday morning finishing the icing and attaching the chocolate pencils.  Although I have to say that chocolate pencils are a lot more forgiving than buttercream, or fondant or anything really.

I really should have looked at these photos as I went, because clearly, they have a bit of a lean on.  I like to think that it adds to the rustic finish.

The cake went thus - 12 inch carrot cake (HCB) with dreamy creamy white chocolate icing, 9 inch Mrs Whatsits' whitechocolate with strawberry mousseline (HCB) , 6 inch german chocolate cake with choc almond ganache and the kitchen cake was the 12 inch version of the same (Deep Chocolate Passion Wedding Cake - and filling from the dreaded Holiday Pinecone).  The icing encasing all three layers was the white chocolate vanilla buttercream.  Then around it all, white chocolate pencils.

None of it was particularly complex, just time consuming.

The wedding cake toppers were a kangaroo (the Australian groom) and a peacock (the English bride).  Strawberries and cream reflecting their attachment to Wimbledon.

I was putting the final touches on the cake as the guests ate canapes outside on the lawn.  So, yes, cutting it fine.  However, I wasn't the only one cutting it fine - the caterers were still preparing the hall.

This was the first time I had ever had a glimpse of an Indian wedding.  Amazing.  The food looked sensational, and the "Bollywood style" DJ sounded incredible as he completed the sound check.  Certainly more fun than a four piece string ensemble!  And so many of the guests were decked out in gorgeous saris.  Simply stunning.

It was strange making a cake and not sampling it - hopefully it was well received.

I have read Raymond's post on the Lemon Meringue and I have to say, as caked out as I am, this looks so tempting.  It may yet be part of my week.


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  2. Oh, Nicola, my heart aches for you. The photo of your grandfather with the brood and the turnout for his funeral suggest that his was a life we should all aspire to. Hugs.

  3. The wedding cake looks amazing and perfect, but I'm on the verge of tears after reading your tribute to your grandfather.
    Go All Blacks!

  4. ב''ה

    Condolences. I also just lost my grandmother ע''ה (peace on to her) which is one of the reasons I did not make last weeks cupcakes.

    Is that you with your boy in the left of the picture?

    Lovely wedding cake. Well done!

  5. Nicola.. my condolences on your beloved grandfather... its never easy to loose someone close.

    The cake looks soo good, love the pencil effect all over it. I just finish the lemon cake and it's delish... if you are up to it, make it. I baked mine in a a 6x3 pan and it 1/2 all of the recipe and it turned out great.

    Tom is in the other room licking the plate and calling out - "Its great"!

  6. I am so very sorry about your grandfather passing. What an amazing tribute to have over 800 people attend his funeral. He must have been quite a special man.

    I absolutely love the wedding cake. Never knew about the white chocolate pencils. They are stunning. An Indian wedding is my idea of a perfect wedding.

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. He was clearly an amazing man! It helps to be busy and take your mind off of things at times like this so I'm glad you had something to do. You did an absolutely amazing job. Hope the couple loved it and appreciated your dedication to the project!

  8. I'm so sorry for your lost.

    Your wedding cake is so beautiful! I love the chocolate pencil and the beautiful red strawberries gave a nice contrast. Very very gorgeous! Fab work!

  9. Nicola, beautiful, stunning wedding cake. The chocolate pencils and the strawberries and currants make it look very elegant.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds like your grandfather was a wonderful man and much loved.

  10. Nicola, sorry to hear about your grandfather. Your cake is absolutely stunning! I love love love the way you decorate it!


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