Not Dead, but this might be Heaven

The break in transmission is being interrupted by some photos of why I have been too "busy" to bake.

I am holed up, just trying to make it to the end of every day.  It is a real hardship, let me tell you.  Not everyone could cope with this kind of pace.

In all honesty, I haven't read anything on the internet for weeks - but I will be back very soon. 

I have managed to finagle a trip to the US through work - Philadelphia in fact.  It is literally a flying visit,  arrive on a Monday evening, out again on the Wednesday evening.  Now, I just need to work out the closest Williams & Sonoma store to Loews Hotel, and somehow get there during opening hours.  I can see beater blades and a bundt tin or two making it in my homeward bound luggage.  That definitely beats two weeks of washing from this current holiday.

Philadelphia recommendations welcomed...


  1. Well, Nicola, after checking out your hyperlink, I'm ready to add you to the prayer list - hoping you survive the grind!

    I'm also wishing that I wasn't thousands of miles from Philadelphia. Why is it no one takes business trips to the desert southwest this time of year? A friend at a pastry workshop in Phoenix last week said it hit 124 F ~ 51 C. That must be why the frozen margarita was invented.

    Enjoy your shopping spree!

  2. Boy you've really had it hard lately. Poor you!

    Have fun at Williams Sonoma!

  3. Oh, gosh, I hope they have a masseuse or two to help you through the grind! What a beautiful place.

    Next time finagle a working trip to San Francisco or at the very least, the Silicone valley. Would love to see the look on the custom inspector's inspector's face when you enter the UK with your loot!

  4. In Philadelphia try Fantes in the Italian market.

    Fantes Kitchen Wares Shop
    1006 S 9th St
    Philadelphia PA

    You can check it out in advance to see if it's worth the trip for what you want at


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