Peanut Butter Ingots

Wow!  Five days late.  What's more, there are still two and a half of these things left.  Which is surprising given that peanut butter is treated as a separate food group by a certain person in this house.   It has taken me years to not be offended by my husband having peanut butter on toast after I have cooked him dinner.  And truth be known, I still get a wee bit peeved sometimes.  Like - why do I bother cooking?  Why don't you just have peanut butter on toast for your dinner too, save me washing up... like, I said, I am completely over it.  Maybe.

It has been a long week around these parts.  The nanny was sick, I was sick and then the little assistant came down with the norovirus.  Let's just say that I was too busy with laundry to blog about these little peanut butter fingers before now.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Unfortunately for you all, there is only one picture this week.  So, here come the next twelve thousand words...  Except I don't think I can write twelve thousand tonight, or ever to be honest, about these cakes.

These were pretty simple to make - especially since I had frozen egg whites and cheated by using ground almonds, instead of toasting and grinding sliced blanched almonds.  The hardest thing about these cakes was getting them in the molds.  However the old trick of snipping the corner off a freezer bag to squeeze out the mixture worked a treat, so really they rightly deserve their spot on the quick and easy list.

That said, I don't think I will be making them again.  Neither my peanut butter loving husband nor I really liked them that much.  I kept wishing they didn't have that weird light peanut butter flavour.  I wanted the peanut flavour to be stronger or not at all, and also that the instant hit of sweetness from the powdered sugar to be dialled back a tad.  Hence why there are still two and a half left.  Actually, can someone tell me if using powdered (icing) sugar versus granulated sugar would make a cake taste different?

The texture was perfect (I will definitely stick with my cheaters ground almond) and they have kept really well - actually improved in texture and moistness as the week has raced by.  Not sold on the peanut butter flavour, but I definitely like these almond financiers.  And really, if you haven't already got a financier mold, then I would recommend getting one.  The final cakes are a perfect size and loads easier to get in your mouth than a cupcake.  Was that an inappropriate thing to write?

Clearly, I better up the photo count this week, because I am blathering and I need less words and more photos.

Onwards to meringue disks and chocolate something or others this week.

Updated to say : apologies for my poor commenting in the past couple of weeks... I will strive to do better!


  1. Hilarious! Your write ups always make me smile. I would love to hear how your meringue disks go..I have wanted to try them.

  2. Nicola, I'm giving financier pans serious consideration, LOL, the ease of getting cake into one's mouth is very important at our house!

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  4. To answer your question about powdered sugar vs. granulated sugar - YES, there is a difference. Powdered sugar contains corn starch (3% I believe), which affects the overall flavor in my opinion. There is also some math involved when subbing one for another - 1 cup of granulated sugar weighs 200 grams, vs 1 cup of powdered sugar which weighs 115 grams (according to The Cake Bible).

    It could also affect the overall texture because powdered sugar "melts" right away when mixed with wet ingredients, whereas granulated sugar doesn't dissolve quite so fast. However, it sound like it worked well in your case.


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