How hard can it be?

I've read Julie and Julia- how hard can it be to cook your way through a recipe book?  Except, that was quite difficult, if I recall.  And then I looked through the archives of HeavenlyCakePlace and realised that maybe this would be a bit more challenging than baking a batch of cup cakes every week.  Not least sourcing and then caramelising cacao nibs. Eeek.

And then blog about it... ideally every week or at least twice a month, after you bake.  This goal from the person who has never kept an annual diary past the middle of January; who seldom comments on the myriad of blogs I lurk; who has never blogged.  And I assume it would be better with some photos, artfully shot, without a backdrop of cooking detritus (must remember to clean as I go, rather than just chant it.)

Except, all this brilliant realisation was after I had enrolled to be one of the Heavenly Cake Bakers.  

Given that I am not keen on failure, I have given myself a stern talking to.  I have baked loads of Rose's other cakes; I have made numerous multi tiered wedding cakes; countless birthday cakes.  I live in London - I can source cacao nibs (maybe not bleached cake flour - but then there is always Kate Flour).  I just have to juggle my 14 month son and husband with cake baking - neither of whom will complain about cake for dinner ... again.  And finally, the internet is a fantastic thing: I can figure out how to work a blog; Rose's videos are there for techniques; I can source obscure (to me anyway) kitchen kit; there are at least fourteen other Heavenly Cake Bakers doing the very same thing.  Peer pressure is a powerful motivator!

How hard can it be?

THE GOAL: To bake through "Rose's Heavenly Cakes"


  1. You must have access to a copy of Rose's Heavenly Cakes.
  2. You must have a blog.
  3. At the beginning of each month Marie of HeavenlyCakePlace - will post the recipes that will be featured for the month. Marie will bake one per week, but you only have to agree to bake at least two a month.
  4. Blog posts should be posted within 24 hours of the date detailed next to the recipes list.
  5. If you lose the will, let Marie know so she can remove you from the list - that way, only active bakers are on the list of bloggers.
  6. Recipes will not be posted on the blogs since everyone will have a copy of the book.  (Our photos and tales should be a well of inspiration to you to purchase Rose's book.)
Now I just need Amazon and the Royal Mail to get on board and deliver my copy of Rose's Heavenly Cakes.  Now. 



  1. Nicola,
    Looking forward to baking along with you and other Heavenly Cake Bakers. In case you didn't know, it looks like you're among the first 10 people to sign up so you should be getting a free signed copy of the book soon. Make sure you email Marie (the organizer) your mailing address so she can forward it to the publisher. I made it to the "top 10" too and I'm super excited that I won a free signed copy of Rose's book!

    Kind regards,

  2. Sadly, I'm a late arriver. But, I do have my own copy, along with a well worn "Cake Bible", which I rationalized-- I could buy a new "Cake Bible", and share the older, well-loved copy to my dd and dsil. How's that for increasing my library, and since my mother borrows my cookbooks, without returning them, I figure I'm ok! But, oh the things I would do for an autograph! lol! Anyway, good baking, and even better eating! Jocakegirl


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