Monkey Dunkey Brioche - aka Resistance is Futile

I have one very dodgy photo of the Monkey Dunkey Bread.  I highly doubt that Marie will be bringing this photo to this weeks baking round up...

Lucky it was on the plate

The Monkey Dunkey brioche is totally amazing, incredible and, despite the dubious photo, completely edible.  Far too edible.  This is the reason I stopped baking for a year.  Rose comes up with these recipes which make resistance completely futile and blood sugars spike.

I mistakenly made this in April 2015, when we were meant to be making the caramel rolls.  I loved it then, I love it even more now.  

The entire method was better explained back in April 2015.  When clearly I had more time than I do this week.  The great thing about this recipe is that it is in many parts.  Which kind of fits with my life.  Baking time is slotted in around life.  I commenced the starter on Friday evening and these were pulled out of the oven on Sunday night as the boys were going to bed.  I gave one to Isaac as he was about to get into bed (caramel and chocolate before bed - what could go wrong).  His response was "That was amazing!  What was that?"  and then promptly headed downstairs for more.  I have to agree, it is hard to stop at one caramel coated ball.  Sigh.

There was just one averted disaster in this bake.  I used the wrong yeast - not the fast acting yeast.  Which I slowly realised as my brioche dough slowly failed to rise...  After two hours of very little growth, I just added the requisite amount of fast acting yeast into the dough and it was all went perfectly from then on in.

I did make a double batch of the dough so I can remake the caramel roll things this weekend.  Elastic waisted trousers here I come.

This weeks bake is Prune Preserves in a swiss roll with caramel whipped cream.  Or something.  Either way I don't think this will be a series of minutes snatched over the weekend, so life might have to take a secondary position this weekend whilst baking stakes centre stage.  I think I will invite the neighbours around for tea and prunes. 

And because we are so light on photos this week, a gratuitous photo of the autumn leaves.

N x


  1. You were spot on in 2015 and now again! Honestly, I can't believe how good these are. I had to send them over to my brother's big freezer lest I consume the entire lot myself. Great picture of your boys!

  2. P.S. The battery in the Thermapen you sent me just now died. Can you believe that poor thing lasted this long? So I winged making the caramel which caused a fair amount of anxiety. At the top of my to do list this weekend is replacing said battery as apparently I am now Thermapen co-dependent.

  3. Nice nicola, but the boys are nicer..


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