Very little Baby Lemon Cheesecakes

Very little, as in non existent.  These babies went out with the bath water.  Let this be a lesson to all of you, just because your silicon muffin pan *can* float in your water bath, it doesn't mean that you should let it.   Heed Rose's advice and put in that wire rack for them to rest on.

Because just like at sea, the swell picks up more than a little when there is a bit of movement in the tectonic plates so do does the water in the roasting pan when you attempt to slide the shelf back into the oven.  Unlike at sea, where you can batten down the hatches and let the waves wash over, those little roasting pans waves just washed in and didn't wash out.

And note, that hopping from leg to leg whilst uttering expletives doesn't prevent the second tray from succumbing to the white caps in the water bath.

Devastation.  I was very much looking forward to eating my way through sharing twelve cheesecakes this week.  So perhaps it was my subconscious (and my wardrobe) that resulted in disaster.  My wardrobe would say that this was an no great loss compared to the damage twelve, albeit wee, cheesecakes would have done to my waistline...

The weekend wasn't a complete baking disaster.  I managed to whip up a batch of very well received whoopie cakes.  They went head to head with the most elaborate cupcakes I have ever seen.  Lets just say that no one asked for the recipe for the cupcakes...


  1. Hahahhhahahahahah!!!! I'm dying this side of the pond with laughter! This is the funniest tale of the dread water bath. I abhor water baths. I am convinced there will come a day I'll be posting from the emergency room with second degree burns.

    I am so sorry all that luscious batter went to waste. And no doubt, a good chunk of your time. I had to take up Nordic Pole walking and start attending Weight Watcher meetings lest I started shopping at Tents R Us with these amazing cakes every week. Because clearly I can't eat just one!

  2. Ha Vicki! I thought of you as soon as things started to go pear shaped. You can add flooding to the list of water bath atrocities.

    Nordic Pole walking! Please tell me you wear a head band as well... and stride out on your way to WW meetings. Hilarious.

    Probably for the best these ended in a watery grave.

  3. Oh Boy! All over the place eh? Glad the whoopee pies came out ok!

  4. Oh dear! What a fate I avoided by being too lazy to go get one more container-full of hot water. [g] I too didn't have a rack, but just let the muffin pan sit on the bottom of the water bath.

    Sorry you missed them--they are luscious little cheesecakes!

  5. So sorry to hear your cheesecake got soaked in water! But i have to say that you certainly turned this into a great post. I had a good laugh reading the way you write about it. :D

  6. I just couldn't stop laughing - the photos were hilarious. Sorry you had to waste all that effort. I have had some close calls moving those hot silicone pans. Sounds like your Whoppee Pies saved the day - yum. joan

  7. I'm so sorry about your water bath adventure--lol, I've been there myself a few times. :) But it sounds like you more than made up for them with the Whoopie Pies. :)

  8. ב''ה

    Landlubbers! A we bit water never hurt anyone!


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