Whipped Cream Cake

I made (I promise not to use the phrase "whipped up" in this post!) this cake on New Years Eve to take to our New Year's Eve destination.  I would like to say that since the arrival of my wee assistant, New Years Eve has become exceedingly tame.  But that would be a lie.  This year we spent New Years Eve drinking Dom and eating fabulous food all whilst in our slippers.  Just like we did four years ago - well before the little assistant came onto the scene.  There is alot to be said for the comfort of your slippers on a frosty New Years Eve... and a glass of champagne!

I also made this cake again today.  This is the first time, I think ever, that I have made the same cake twice for two separate eating occasions just days apart.  Sure, today, it had an audience of one, since my husband is now sadly in Australia for his Grandmother's funeral.  I pretended to myself that I just wanted to test out Kate Flour with the Xanthan gum added in, but really?  I just wanted to eat more of this cake.  So good.

Tasty in a not too sweet, dense but light and fine crumb, deeply vanilla way - comfort itself.  Easy - whip cream, slowly beat in the eggs and then the sugar and finally fold in the flour.  You definitely don't need a stand mixer.  I made it with a hand held beater both times.  Quick - it bakes in about 35 minutes.  End to end, dishes done, less than an hour.  It needs no icing, just a cup of tea, a knife and some serious will power.

The first time I made it with the US bleached flour and today's cake I baked with Kate Flour.  I was equally happy with both versions.  The Kate Flour version had a slightly more dense crumb and it probably didn't rise quite so much, but nothing that detracted from the glorious simplicity of this cake.

My photos are few and not so great since my camera lens has weirdly gone off track.  So the photos are from our video camera.  The massive divot in the cake was delivered by the foot of my husband.  I had left the cake in its Tupperware container on the stairs so I wouldn't forget it and my husband trod on it - lightly...

This cake is also a test of how evenly your oven heats - my cakes were browner on one side, so I should probably turn the cake at more regular intervals.

I will definitely be adding this cake to my quick, easy and spectacular list.  Although, for the sake of my girth, I shan't be baking it again this week!  Not unless temptation gets the better of me and I buy the Heritage Bundt pan a la Raymond.  Swoon.  And maybe I need to test the recipe with just normal old UK plain flour...


  1. First things first...darling child you have there!

    I howled reading that your husband "trod" upon your beautiful cake! Best laid plans and all that. I often put things by the front door and still forget them.

    This cake was a delight to make for New Year's Eve out here in rainy California. Probably my most favorite cake from Heavenly Cakes to make so far.

  2. This cake is amazing. I loved it, and so easy to make. 1 hour from gathering and mixing up the ingredients to taking it out of the oven. I'm glad you liked it. I decided to try out my rose-shaped pan for the first time. It turned out pretty.

    Btw, what a cute little boy you have!! :)

  3. Uh oh, cozy slippers and Dom.... might have another little helper next year ;).

    I love that your cake survived the accidental stepping. Had to chuckled about that.


  4. your photos turned out great, despite using videocam. :) i agree with the rest, your baby boy is soo adorable!

  5. I also loved the simplicity of this cake and even with your husbands light foot print your cake turned out great. I just had a slice with coffee for breakfast. Oh, I need some willpower.

  6. there is so much great stuff in this post--your adorable wee helper, your husband's footprint, slippers and champagne, the cake itself...i really enjoyed reading it!

  7. oh, and PS--loved the comments you left with marie and i! you can praise my crumb anytime, and i would also endorse marie posting photos of "those who like to do ab crunches!" ;)


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